Showcasing and supporting our extraordinary city in extraordinary times.


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At Home in New Haven

is a virtual stage for the artists, entertainers, makers, movement builders, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and healers who call this city home; a place where the curious and the dreamers  come together to overcome obstacles.

Gather around.


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What's Next for AHiNH?

A Co-Creation Update


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All sessions are open to all, unless otherwise noted. As sessions are posted, head to the Schedule page and click "Register" beside the sessions you're interested in. There is a cap to attendance for each session, so register early!


All sessions are $5, and all funds will support the presenting organizations or individuals, or be donated to a COVID-19 relief project of their choice. If for any reason cost is an obstacle, use coupon code HOME to register for any session free of charge.


Most sessions will be hosted on Zoom. When you register for a session, you will receive a Zoom link (and/or other instructions) by e-mail. When the day and time of that session arrives, simply click that link to join us!


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At Home in New Haven is raising a fund to be able to provide the individuals and organizations in our community that have been most impacted by COVID-19 a baseline of $250 fair and equitable compensation for each session they present. 
100% of all donations and sponsorships will go directly to presenting individuals and organizations as fair and equitable compensation for the sessions they offer At Home in New Haven.

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For the latest information as we announce sessions and count down to Opening Week, follow @AtHomeinNewHaven on Facebook and Instagram!

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